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We are the only online automobile industry community run by veteran auto dealers for auto dealers, where only professional members of the US auto industry can buy and sell their stock quickly and reliably.

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Offer your stock to the most trusted buyers across the US. Quickly and easily input the details of the vehicles you want to sell. Receive nationwide responses within minutes.


Simply choose the profile of vehicles you wish to buy. You will only be notified of stock that is relevant to your business and requests. Real time notifications of stock via your desktop and mobile device 24/7. Contact the seller directly and close the deal.

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We prefer that dealers give an indication of a price. However in our experience, dealers like to have a choice as sometimes they really may not know what a car is worth. This could be the type of vehicle or model that they don't usually sell.

A number of reasons. We know some dealers can be really busy. Some simply just don’t have the time to photograph and upload images. Other dealers possibly are going to take a trade in and there will be no photos available at the time their advert is being placed. An advert without images should not put you off buying a car versus those with images. Call the dealer for full details!

We do encourage dealers to add photos. Particularly, if they need to show any damage on a vehicle.

Remember, dealers are professional members of the car industry and know all about the cars they are selling. Their trade descriptions on will be the very best in the business.

You can always make changes to your profile of cars you receive. Go to

You can adjust the settings by make/model, age/mileage/location. The more you increase these parameters, the more emails you will receive and the more opportunities to buy stock you will have!

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